Company Info

DEMO is a company that helps new projects.

Especially projects in an early stage of development and need a software solution.

We offer products platforms for amazing consumer experience.


We love Python (Django, CherryPy, Flask)

Front-end development: HTML, CSS and Javascript

Responsive web design

GNU/Linux servers

Cloud servers


Readme Driven Development

Agile methodologies


Pair programming



We create software solutions for everybody, but our focus is on the StartUps that want to develop wonderful products.

We offer low prices, enough to pay our (student) costs. Our profits lie in a small stake of the cake ( of the StartUp) that we like to have from the beginning. That applies only if we really like the idea! Otherwise, we are also open to do normal business.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us.

We really love what we do.

Huancas Av. 789, Huancayo, Peru